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November 26, 2013

Ali Yaphe’s Carpet Tips

Hip Toronto rug and fabric showroom Y&Co is a staple in the pages of H&H, and is owned by Ali Yaphe (her sister Katherine designs Oliver Yaphe rugs). Ali’s home is featured in our January 2014 and not surprisingly, she uses a variety of rugs to add an essential pop of colour and hit of pattern to her spaces (even a dressing room!). Ali shares her carpet tips on care and selection.

HH: Do you have a favourite rug?

Ali Yaphe: I love my all over print rug in second floor hallway designed by my sister Katherine Yaphe. We bought it before we moved into this house. It just makes me happy and brightens the space up.

HH: What trends are you seeing in carpets?

AY: I personally am loving tribal-ish antique rugs. I am into authentic Moroccan rugs, geometrics, nothing too perfect. I prefer flat weaves, they have character. We have a collection of wool flat weaves with hand stitching that aren’t too precious, but bring a lot of character to a space.

HH: You have a young son, what’s a good rug pick for kids?

AY: Wool is the best for cleaning, you can get spills steam cleaned. Viscose is the worst. Silk is hardwearing, it’s not as easy to clean up spills as wool but a very strong, all-natural fibre. The bamboo silk rug I have in my living room is not the most practical!

HH: Any tips for rug buyers?

AY: Go to a reputable showroom. Carpets are a big purchase, you want to make sure you are getting good quality, then it will last for years. If the product is handmade it should be dense, not too many slubs or knots on the back. You don’t want to move it around too easily, unless it’s a shag. I recommend wool — it feels better than nylon and will look a lot better in 10 years than synthetics.

HH: Do you have any design tips for decorating with carpets?

AY: My biggest pet peeve is rugs that are too small, you should have at least the front legs on a carpet, if not the whole sofa. Carpets can really make a statement, floors are a big portion of a space and you can create a strong look based on a carpet, it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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