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October 28, 2011

Antiquing In Quebec

The Eastern Townships in Quebec is the best place to be during this colourful season. As I was driving through, I spotted two antique shops on highway 112 that I’ve always wanted to visit, but have always been too pressed for time to stop. But last weekend, I took a moment to take a peek.

BluBarn Antiques was my first stop. It’s great if you’re looking for bigger pieces of furniture. I loved a lot of the smaller pieces laid out on the front porch, too. Here are some gorgeous finds:

I love shiny gold things. These large vessels would look great indoors with towels piled inside, or outdoors as planters.

Tobacco tins! Perfect for that colourful vintage touch. See how we styled them as a vase in this video.

Trunks are timeless and practical. I love the worn and rusty look of these — you can’t fake that kind of patina.

The second stop was Antiquites Yvon Lessard ((819) 884-2105) — a lovely century-old country house filled with furniture and trinkets. Walking through the house was a real blast from the past.

The huge sled displayed out front must attract tons of visitors. Picture this sled displayed out front of a country home, filled with evergreens during the holiday season! Forget LED lights; this is the best Christmas decoration!

This smaller play-sled is simply adorable. I regret not buying it!

This could be the perfect kitchen hutch with a little TLC — ideal for storing linens and tableware.


This cane office chair may not be as comfortable as Herman Miller’s, but it’s gorgeous. And the cane isn’t even torn!

The upholstery on this sofa is still intact. What a great find.

There is a huge collection of decorative grates to choose from. These could also be used as trivets, wall decor, you name it.

If you get a chance to drive through the Eastern Townships, I suggest you pop into these two antiques dealers. Even if you’re not in a shopping mood, walking through these shops is like going through a museum… a museum where you can touch stuff!

Happy treasure hunting!

Photo credits:
1-11. Reiko Caron

Author: Reiko Caron