October 25, 2016

Bakery We Love: Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns

Food editor Kristen Eppich dishes on Amy Rosen’s new Toronto bakery.

House & Home Food Editor Kristen EppichOver the last few years, former House & Home food editor Amy Rosen could be found travelling the world and writing about her amazing finds in food, or working on her cookbook Toronto Cooks. Nowadays, her feet are planted on terra firma in Toronto’s west end at her new bakery, Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns. 

The space is designed by Cameron MacNeil. Classic subway tiles line the front of the marble-topped counter, while patterned tile underfoot adds understated drama. An industrial pendant light hovers over the checkout.

I popped in to see Amy on her third official day of business and the joint was hopping. They had sold over 400 buns in the previous two days, and there were no signs of slowing down. While we chatted, the waitlist was growing with customers claiming cinnamon buns still in the oven. The buns are worth waiting for — moist, tender and decadent with the perfect amount of residual goo to satisfy.

An arresting image of Barbara Streisand with cinnamon buns for hair welcomes guests to the bakery. It was painted by H&H alum Mark Challen.

The magic to the recipe? According to Amy it’s a “really well-developed recipe” using fresh, simple ingredients. I had decided to only eat half of a bun on my visit. I failed. Amy says that happens a lot.

Located at 825 College Street in Toronto.


Author: Kristen Eppich