Before & After

February 8, 2023

Before & After: A Thoughtful Renovation For A Young Family That Loves To Entertain

When homeowners Yael and Michael purchased their 3,000-square-foot detached home in Toronto’s Lytton Park, the parents of four had all of the typical wants of a young family: room for kids to run around, zones for entertaining and loads of storage. But one thing was a non-negotiable — they needed two of everything in the kitchen. “Our clients are an orthodox Jewish family, so their kitchen needed to be kosher, meaning two dishwashers, two sinks and two ovens. This lead to very thoughtful design choices in a smaller space,” says Jordy Fagan, co-founder of design firm Collective Studio. “We love for our spaces to feel homey, but also pride ourselves on maximizing space and using every corner in a thoughtful way,” adds co-founder Alana Firestone.

We chatted with the design firm to learn about how they injected their signature design moves into the newly revamped space. Scroll down!