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July 1, 2024

The Best White Paint Colors: Which White Is Right?

By Lynda Reeves

This is by far the question I am asked most often. That’s because there are way too many whites to choose from. It’s no surprise that designers all use the same few white paint colors from the leading paint companies, over and over again. Here is what matters:

You get what you pay for. The most expensive paint from the leading paint companies cost more because not only are they good quality paints that cover well with fewer coats, but the actual color is more complex. It has more tints in it which means that the color is richer. This goes for whites especially. That’s the reason that some painted walls look like they are just primed, while others have depth saturation, and reflect the light beautifully.

It all depends on the light in your room. You absolutely must paint a board with primer plus two coats of the white paint you are testing. Carry it around the house and see how it looks in both day and night time.

Sheen level matters. It’s all personal, but I like a low lustre finish such as Pearl for walls, and a semi gloss and sometimes a high gloss for baseboards, trim, and mouldings.

The more whites the better. I believe in using several different whites in one space. You don’t have to use 10 in a couple of rooms like I do…but use two or three if you can. One on walls, one on baseboards or one on doors. The differences will be very subtle but they will still create visual interest.

Discover my 3 favorite whites from 3 different brands below.