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September 2, 2021

Color Crush: Clay Brings A Desert-Like Tranquility To Rooms

H&H contributor Emma Reddington shares which hue she’s crushing on right now.

Bringing to mind ancient earthenware, clay has a tonal range and versatility that makes the hue a grounding and elegant addition to casual and formal rooms alike. Tile in this sun-baked, ruddy brown will bring a Spanish summer house feel to kitchens while patterned pendants or throw pillows in the toasty shade are perfect for layering into a bedroom or living room to create a playful look with mid-century modern edge. “This warm shade is reminiscent of adobe walls and brings a desert-like tranquility to rooms,” says Emma. Scroll down to learn how to use with this hot hue in your home!

Author: Joseph Cicerone

House & Home September 2021


Produced by Emma Reddington