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September 17, 2019

Design Debate: Is Minimalism Stark or Stunning?

Minimalism — the idea of living with less, allowing only the things we most value into our lives and removing everything else — resonates with many today. And when it comes to interior design, the pared-back approach is more popular than ever (thanks Marie Kondo!). Spare spaces often seem larger, and by streamlining finishes and possessions, the excess is stripped away leaving only what is essential. The end result? Beautiful, airy, soothing and uncluttered rooms. Sounds great, right?

The minimalist vibe, however, can be a challenge to get right. There’s the danger that spaces could seem cold, sterile or stark. Working within a color palette of neutral or pastel hues can seem restrictive. Then there’s maintenance —  it requires a certain tidiness to keep spaces pared-back and organized.

At H&H, we think minimalism is a fabulous design aesthetic. We’ve collected some of the best minimalist spaces from our pages, and we want to hear what you think: Is minimalism stark or stunning?