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April 26, 2021

Designer Spotlight: Corey Damen Jenkins Stays True To His Detroit Roots

After the 2008 recession hit, Detroit native Corey Damen Jenkins left his job in the auto industry and was forced to downgrade from a fancy condo to a rental apartment. But there was a silver lining: it led him to fulfill his dream of becoming an interior designer.

With just one internship at 19 at a New York design firm under his belt, Corey went door to door, pitching his talents with brochures bearing his hand-drawn renderings. He vowed that if he didn’t land one “yes” after 800 doors, he’d become a barista. He was nearing that threshold when door number 779 opened and the couple inside handed him a cup of tea and hired him on the spot. After sharing his work on his website, HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown came knocking. Corey won the competition, and he was launched.

This year sees the release of Corey’s first book, Design Remix, and a debut on Architectural Digest’s esteemed AD100 list. Corey’s work is known for a use of color that reflects his positivity, energy and daring. “I also really celebrate the work of ancient civilizations,” he adds. “Back then, the colors of royalty were emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and gold, and I pair them with turquoise and creamy white to make a statement.” Proud of his hometown’s Motown heritage, his designs echo the sass of a shimmying sequin gown and the luxury of Smokey Robinson’s satiny lapels.

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Author: Wendy Jacob

Werner Straube (Corey's headshot)


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