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October 18, 2021

Designer Spotlight: The Eclectic Style Of British Designer Kit Kemp

If you’re a fan of statement upholstered headboards, you can thank English designer Kit Kemp, who popularized the look. The London interior designer and decorator writes books and teams up with brands including Christopher Farr Cloth, Porta Romana, Anthropologie and Wedgwood to design textiles, fragrances and homewares.

Kit is co-founder and creative director of Kit Kemp Design Studio and Firmdale Hotels, which includes London’s Ham Yard Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel, The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel, and The Crosby Street and Whitby Hotels in NYC. A lover of British art, craft and sculpture, she uses these elements to make her hotels feel unique and personal — the antithesis of anonymous, bland decorating.

Scroll down to read our interview with Kit Kemp and see some of her artful, highly personal designs!