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January 5, 2017

DIY: Patterned Jute Rug

Senior editor Morgan Michener adds pattern and texture to a basic jute rug using twine and yarn.

DesignEd_Stock_2014_Morgan_0916-crop2_HH_AU14_11The fun thing about this project is that you can play with all sorts of colors and patterns, and it works with a rug of any size. You don’t have to know how to sew either — it’s just one easy stitch! Complete a 3′ x 5′ rug like mine in the time it takes to watch two movies, or pick away at it in your spare time over a couple of weekends.

A simple jute rag rug offers a nice neutral base for this project, and the looser weave means there’s plenty of room to loop twine through.


Author: Morgan Michener

Kim Jeffery


House & Home September 2016


Morgan Michener