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January 9, 2017

Escape To An Elegant & Whimsical Palm Beach Home

Cozy isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind looking at this 12,000-square-foot home in Palm Beach, Florida, but that’s exactly how the Canadian owners wanted it to feel. They tasked architect Maxime Vandal and designer Richard Ouellette of Montreal firm Les Ensembliers with making the regal house feel homey. Despite its sweeping size and grand architectural details, the duo hit just the right notes of understated luxury and whimsical elegance. To strike the delicate balance they were after, Maxime and Richard carried the palette — crisp neutrals brightened by bursts of terracotta, coral and plum — throughout the entire home and repeated patterns and furniture silhouettes from room to room to create a unified aesthetic. Click through to see inside the palatial home that’s filled with approachable charm.

Author: Karen Robock

André Rider


House & Home June 2016


Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette, Les Ensembliers