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February 28, 2023

Vegan French Cuisine? Yes! With Hannah Sunderani’s Recipes

“In a culture where fromage, foie gras and charcuterie are everyday staples, a plant-based diet was not always celebrated,” says Toronto blogger (and vegan) Hannah Sunderani, who moved to France in 2015. While the relocation was for her husband’s job, Hannah took it as a chance to explore her passion for food. But the locals didn’t share the same excitement for her veganism. “Calling ahead to restaurants to inform them of my diet was often met with displeasure and, one time, resulted in being served half a cooked carrot as my main course. What they did with the other half, I will never know.”

Out of necessity, Hannah figured out how to adapt French food into at-home vegan dishes and shared those findings with hundreds of thousands of readers on her blog, Two Spoons. After spending four years in France, Hannah returned to Toronto and created The Two Spoons Cookbook, which is packed with recipes for many dishes you probably didn’t know could be vegan, from cheese fondue to croissants. But nothing is overly complicated. “It’s not a cookbook for French cooking enthusiasts or masterful chefs… it’s for the everyday home cook, one who wants to add more plant-based recipes into their diet without compromising taste,” says Hannah.

Scroll down for three French dishes you won’t believe are plant-based!

Author: Alexandra Whyte

Hannah Sunderani


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