Celebrity Style

January 17, 2017

Prince Harry’s Norway Vacation Rental Will Surprise You!

Nothing says romance quite like an idyllic town with no restaurants, cafes or even a single shop — especially if you’re trying to avoid the public eye. For his first overseas getaway with girlfriend Meghan Markle, Prince Harry chose the tiny Norwegian town of Tromvik, and booked a modest-looking Airbnb instead of a five-star hotel.

The Tromvik Lodge is set on the shoreline of the Norwegian Sea which boasts “an amazing panoramic view of the ocean and the Northern lights or the midnight sun. The surroundings are astonishing mountains, forests and meadows where sheep graze,” according to the listing.

Sound too good to be true? Take a peek for yourselves!

Author: Sabina Sohail

Courtesy of Airbnb; headshot, Wikimedia Commons