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April 19, 2021

Before & After: A Cheerful Tudor-Style Home For A Blended Family

Renovation is an act of optimism that requires trust, imagination and a million major and minor decisions ranging from the removal of a wall to the color of a kickplate. Things get even more tricky when the homeowners have somewhat different tastes. “He has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, while she’s drawn to a more classic, traditional look,” says designer Meghan Carter of her clients Suzanne Cowan and Andrew Clark. Suzanne is the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Andrew is an entrepreneur and founder of Triangle Capital Corporation, and their blended family includes Malcolm, 14, Grace, 14, Harriet, 11, Clara, 9, and their two dogs, Daisy and Sparky.

In 2018, Meghan took on the makeover of their dark and dated three-story, five-bedroom, 4,500-square-foot Tudor-style house in Toronto, the couple’s first home together. “The goal was to create a place where everyone felt at home,” says Meghan. Buoyed by that idea, Suzanne and Andrew left all their former furniture behind. “This was an opportunity to have a fresh start, to really create a space that worked for us,” says Suzanne.

They were both enthusiastic about incorporating one another’s styles, so Meghan set out to design cheerful, family-friendly interiors that were a blend of traditional detailing and more contemporary sensibilities. It was also important to Suzanne to preserve the architectural integrity of the house.  The couple also had a common goal that focused on the kids. “They wanted each of the kid’s rooms to uniquely reflect who they are, and they wanted places where the family could relax together and others where the kids could just hang with their friends,” says Meghan. Malcolm, Grace, Harriet and Clara all have distinct bedrooms, each with its own hang-out zone.

Now that both Suzanne and Andrew are working at home and the kids are remote-schooling, this has proved to be a prescient use of space. The outcome is a family home tailor-made to balance togetherness with privacy.

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