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June 14, 2024

The Secret To Nancy Meyers’ Style

By Lynda Reeves

Why do we love the rooms we see in the movies of filmmaker Nancy Meyers? Think back to Father Of The Bride, Baby Boom, Private Benjamin, What Women Want, The Holiday, It’s Complicated, The Intern, and of course Something’s Gotta Give.

In every one of these films there was at least one memorable room that I can close my eyes and remember perfectly. I’ll bet you can too. That’s because the decorating in every Nancy Meyers set is styled to perfection. Her rooms tell a story about the characters who live there and are as much a part of the film as the dialogue. And while the style of her rooms varies, they are usually an updated take on American Coastal decorating, with a twist. It’s effortless chic at its best, which is why “Nancy Meyers homes” has become one of Pinterest’s hottest search trends in 2024. Again!

Over the years I’ve written about Nancy’s film sets more than once. In 2010 it was the set of It’s Complicated that inspired a story. And in 2016 It was the kitchen in The Intern.