Decorating & Design

March 28, 2017

Take A Peek Inside An H&H Design Editor’s New House!

Design editor and first-time home buyer Lauren Petroff shares a look at her stunning Toronto semi. 
Lauren Petroff headshotThere’s no denying that Toronto’s real estate market is extremely hot. The demand to live in one of Canada’s most metropolitan cities is high, but with supply so low, the limited inventory is creating quite the frenzy for buyers. Ready to transition from an apartment to a house, we recently found ourselves among the mass of hopeful house-hunters. With seemingly no end in sight to the rising home prices, we felt the impulse to dive right in, because if not now, when?

As someone who sees countless homes as part of my job, I was looking for something special, and with the help of our amazing real estate agent at Trilogy Agents, a subsidiary of Sotheby’s Realty, we found a home that exceeded our expectations. Click through to take a virtual tour and discover what design elements helped set this house apart.