August 5, 2021

Tommy Smythe On The Enduring Appeal Of The Bunkie

I have long loved everything about bunkies. Well, everything except the name. I know that “stand-alone bedroom suite” is a little clunky, but did we have to assign these charming, often stylish retreats such a twee title?

Whatever we call them, there’s no debating their appeal. Traditional versions reveal the romance of old wood and sleepy afternoon naps, windows paddle–propped open to let in the sound of lapping lake water. If modern architecture is more your summer speed, picture whitewashed plywood walls and peaked ceilings over a big bed with layered linen.

Old-school or new wave, every bunkie interior should provide a few universal amenities: hooks for wet bathing suits, comfy mattresses, a nighttime reading light and a window with a beautiful view. If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that destinations matter. Some seek to stash a guest with a steady snore, while others may want a little distance from uninvited in-laws.

Whatever its purpose, a little cabin tucked at the end of a pretty path leading away from The Main Cottage provides a perfect journey’s end. But please, I implore you, don’t call it a bunkie! And do let the other guests know… I’ve called dibs!

Author: Tommy Smythe

House & Home July/August 2021


Produced by Rosemary Poole