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June 29, 2020

This Makeover Proves You Don’t Need To Knock Down Walls To See Results

When it comes to a renovation, walls are usually the first to go. The easiest (and priciest) thing to do is to smash everything to smithereens, then start fresh. But designer Allison Willson did the very opposite: she radically revamped a home in Toronto’s sought-after Moore Park neighborhood without removing a single wall, and the results are extraordinary.

Her clients — busy professionals with two kids under the age of six — bought the five-bedroom house five years ago. Though stately, a pastiche of additions by previous owners had left the 4,000-square-foot house without a feeling of consistency or flow from a design perspective. Allison’s instinct was to create a “fresh and edgy take on traditional.” She retained the footprint (it already worked well) but rethought the function of some rooms and enhanced others. “I like to strike a balance in design — new with vintage, traditional with contemporary, texture with solids.”

Scroll down to learn more about this transformation, which was completed in just four months!

Author: Iris Benaroia

Patrick Biller


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Allison Willson