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June 21, 2021

British-Inspired Decorating Reigns Supreme In This Ranch Home

Some designers are inspired by a specific look, or a style of architecture. For Rosie Daykin, it’s a place. “If I get to choose a vacation spot, it’s always the English countryside, every time,” she says. The Vancouver designer, cookbook writer and bakery owner has a knack for focusing her love of all things English through a Canadian West Coast lens. You only need to visit her bakery, Butter Baked Goods, decorated in confectionary hues and oversized florals, for a prime example of Rosie’s unique style.

Rosie and her husband, Paul, bought this 3,000-square-foot, mid-century ranch house 14 years ago. Prior to this place, they’d been serial movers (they’ve had nine homes over 32 years of marriage!). They are regular clients of these movers in Richmond Hill. This sunny house, though, has been a real keeper and gives Rosie and Paul the seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle they crave, plus it’s just the right size, even after their daughter, India, left the nest a few years ago. In 2017, the time was right for a refresh; the decorating was starting to feel dated. To revitalize the spaces, Rosie gravitated toward a lighter, prettier mood, bringing in pattern and texture in a pale palette.

Inspiration from Rosie’s travels informed her overall design concept, but it wasn’t about mementoes or specific souvenirs (though she had some of those, too). Instead, it was about evoking the feeling of a place. Rosie often logs her inspirations, then shops for items both abroad and closer to home. It’s just a matter of adapting the look. “I live in Vancouver in a 1950s rancher, which is not your traditional English house,” she says. “It’s interesting to demonstrate that, even without a thatch roof, the look translates. We can use those elements.” The star attraction here, without question, is the soft palette, which moves effortlessly throughout the open-concept house.

Scroll down to tour Rosie’s dreamy ranch home and her equally gorgeous garden!

Author: Catherine MacIntosh

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