January 7, 2021

You Won’t Believe This Luxurious Condo Was Transformed In Just Three Weeks!

It takes a trained eye and plenty of talent to create a space that speaks to the homeowners, but it’s even harder to design for a client you’ll never meet. That was the challenge for Vancouver-based Gillian Segal, who decorated this warm and inviting condo in partnership with her sister company, Saint Lunette. Gillian was tasked to fully furnish the 2,200-square-foot sub penthouse in just three weeks, when it was due to go on the market.

With laid-back living in mind, the designer made sure nothing in the condo was too precious. Even though many of the pieces are high-end, it still feels soft, inviting and warm. “We also really wanted to bring in more light because Vancouver gets very rainy during the winter,” she says of the jewel-like fixtures dotted around the space.

The luxurious property was later sold because of Gillian’s carefully-curated design, but we aren’t surprised: who could resist those ocean, city and mountain views?

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Author: Victoria Christie

Ema Peter


Gillian Segal Design & Saint Lunette