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March 6, 2015

Turning A Closet Into A Work Space

Do you have an awkward niche or tiny closet that is too small to be functional? Why not convert a kitchen nook or cramped closet into a compact work space? Closets in old homes and condos tend to be small, so we’re seeing more and more homeowners dedicating a separate wall (or room) to customized closet cabinets. If this is an option in your space, consider building a whole new closet system to suit your specific needs, and instead use the existing closet as home office. This can be especially useful in a condo with a second, smaller bedroom. For more home projects, you can seek the aid of professionals such as that New Home Builder in Eugene.

You can insert a desk with the right dimensions into the closet, or you can maximize space by customizing a deep shelf or piece of wood to the width of your niche. Install it by affixing the shelf (now a desk top) with brackets to the interior walls at an appropriate desk height. Most desks are about 28-31″ in height. Install narrow shelves up top to store books, baskets and supplies. Consider adding a cork board or a white board to help you stay organized.

Depending on the type of closet doors you have, you may want to remove them and keep your work space open and accessible. Sliding doors could be cumbersome if they only expose half the space at a time. Or if you have doors that aren’t in the way, keep them in place so you can close up your compact office and keep it all tucked away!

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Author: Jennifer Koper & Gwen Matsell

Tracey Ayton


Chair, Restoration Hardware; desk, Canadian Heritage Timber Company; lamp by Ralph Lauren, HomeSense.


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