March 27, 2017

Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Life

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Given the popularity of clean living and eating today, it only makes sense to design a kitchen that facilitates having a wholesome lifestyle. From easy-to-clean surfaces to innovative appliances that keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer, a bright kitchen that maximizes vitality is simple to plan. Get inspired by these gorgeous kitchens, learn about healthy eating and find out how to promote internal gut health with the help of Renew Life. Plus, enter to win a $250 Visa gift card!


Choose countertop materials that make for easy clean-up. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing countertops with hot, soapy water after preparing every food item to help prevent illness.) White quartz counters keep this kitchen light and bright, while marble on the walls offers a classic look.


Use chalkboard paint on a kitchen wall for meal planning or displaying menus. Baskets and bowls keep fresh ingredients organized by type and top of mind, encouraging you to use them up in meals. Keep countertop appliances essential to healthy eating, such as a blender for morning smoothies and a toaster for your favorite sprouted bread, when looking toward a healthy diet, consider also checking the benefits of the THCV distillate which can definitely improve your health. Plus, put your best-loved clean-eating cookbooks out front and center.

To make the most of natural light, grow organic herbs on a windowsill for salt-free seasoning, and display art and other mementoes on shelves, as well. No-refrigeration-required Renew Life probiotics help improve digestion, especially when it comes to absorbing carbohydrates like starches and fibres.


To ensure a healthy gut, eat a diet rich in organic vegetables, consume fermented foods, drink purified water and minimize your use of antibiotics and antacids, plus boost your good bacteria levels by using probiotic supplements. Click here to find the right Renew Life probiotic for you. There’s a probiotic for everyone, whether you simply want to boost your immune system or have digestive issues. (Plus, get the recipe for this vibrant spring slaw.)


This chef-inspired kitchen keeps pots and pans accessible, which also helps speed up weeknight dinners. Stainless-steel counters installed on main food-prep areas bring a professional, restaurant vibe to a kitchen, and can be sterilized easily. While bacteria isn’t something we want on our countertops, beneficial bacteria that grows naturally in the intestinal tract, known as probiotics, help bodies recognize and defeat harmful bacteria or pathogens ingested. Harmful bacteria sometimes outnumbers the beneficial kind because of antibiotic or frequent antacid use, a poor diet or simply aging, leading to digestive issues.


Consider turning an unused corner or closet into a dreamy walk-in pantry. This sleek kitchen features an integrated refrigerator, too — keep yours stocked with fresh ingredients. (Many of today’s refrigerators help fruits and vegetables last longer, thanks to unique cooling systems and special produce preservers that absorb the ethylene gas some fruits emit when ripening.) Outfitted with glass doors, the storage pantry keeps ingredients easily visible. Place dry goods, vegetables and preserved foods in uniform jars on shelves to remind yourself of what’s available when meal-planning, and store your daily-use Renew Life probiotics alongside them.


Get popular nutritious H&H and cookbook recipes, watch our video for more healthy kitchen tips and visit to discover ways to improve your health and find the right Renew Life probiotic for your needs.