January 19, 2011

Eat-Healthy Books: Part 2

As a continuation from my last blog post about diet books (again, happy New Year!) here are three more food books that recently landed on my desk. This isn’t an endorsement (or non endorsement); as with all lifestyle books, it’s about gleaning an informed opinion and choosing what suits you and your growing rump.

1. Superfoods (2010 Firefly Books)

The subtitle of this book says it all: “The healthiest foods on the planet”. And that’s what this book, by Tonia Reinhard, is all about. In full colour detail, 200 beneficial foods are divided into chapters including legumes, nuts and oils, meats, seafood and dairy foods, grains, and more. Not a bad idea to leaf through and then throw a few of these “superfoods” into your grocery cart each week. In other words, hello gogi berry, wheat germ, and pumpkinseed pancakes! Note: There are no recipes in this book; I just made that one up. Hey, maybe I should write a superfoods cookbook. I’ll be rich! Oh wait, it already exists. Darn.

2. Crazy Sexy Diet (2011 Globe Pequot Press)

With a blurb by Dr. Oz, a forward by Dr. Dean Ornish and a preface from Rory Freedman, the coauthor of Skinny Bitch (2005 Running Press), this book, written by Kris Carr, has some serious diet pedigree behind it. That said, it’s a hodge-podge of testimonials and ideas, written in a you-go-grrrl conspiratorial tone, including chapters with titles like Tushie & Milk Mustaches, in which she basically tells readers to ditch all animal products. Consider this, for instance: “Are you ready for the Crazy Sexy Truth about meat and dairy? Of course you are! You’re a fearless Wellness Warrior full of rebellion and fire.” The last chapter in the book is a 21-day cleanse, followed by some recipes for things like cabbage hemp salad. Get the picture?

Get two recipes from Crazy Sexy Diet!
Raw Soup
Buddha Bowl

3. Lunch To Go (2010 Oxmoor House)

Compiled by the editors at Cooking Light magazine, this snappy little book is a good way to get your New Year’s resolutions off to a healthy start. I happen to know that since I’ve started working at House & Home magazine, my lunchtime caloric intake has increased exponentially (there’s just so much good food to eat on King Street West!). This book helps on that front, by including “80 simple, satisfying, time-saving dishes,” from hearty Tuscan tuna sandwiches to coconut crab and shrimp salad and even butterscotch blondies for dessert. Looks like the nearby sushi, poutine and sandwich joints will have to do without me for the next little while.

For three more of my top diet books, read my previous blog post.

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