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Oak + Fort Home Is A Minimalist’s Dream Decor Store

Calling all minimalists: Vancouver-born clothing company Oak + Fort is expanding into homewares. Clean-lined dishes, matte bud vases and simple brass utensils are seamless additions to mod — and modestly appointed — spaces, and are sure to win over fans of the brand’s neutral palette and fuss-free fashion…

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Bring Summer Indoors With Our Editors’ Favorite Woven Finds

Find 10 breezy summer staples for an exotic, bohemian vibe

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Shops We Love: Workshop & Co.

After years of collecting antiques while travelling, Halifax designers Colin Blanchard and Kenneth McRobbie decided it was time to move their one-of-a-kind finds out of storage and into a proper home — albeit an unconventional one. “This place was built in 2001 as a body shop, but we wanted it to…

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The One Wallpaper Print We’re Seeing Everywhere Right Now

Take a quick peruse of Pinterest and you’re sure to notice fresh fronds popping up everywhere. Beverly Hills Hotel-style banana leaves and fan-like philodendron have been hot for some time, gracing everything from textiles to stationery. And while we love all sorts of leafy patterns, too, we’re particularly drawn to the…


Shop Like An Editor: 10 Outdoor Rugs To Complete Your Summer Patio

Senior editor Sally Armstrong shares her favorite outdoor rugs this season. An outdoor rug can really bring a patio look home. Rugs help define a seating or dining area — especially in an open-concept outdoor space, where creating zones is essential. These days, there are great options for outdoor rugs that rival the look of indoor…


Editors’ Pick: Haut Beau Handwoven Rugs By Alec Sutherland

The muted tones and linear designs of Montreal-based Alec Sutherland’s rugs are the result of long hours of weaving and knotting, trial and error, and of course, patience. But the finished product is always lighthearted in design, just like the name of his company, Haut Beau. “Haut Beau…


See Furniture Designer Thom Fougere’s Cool Canuck Creations

Winnipeg designer Thom Fougere was made the creative director of EQ3 when he was only 24, but he’s not exactly resting on his laurels. Since helming the Canadian furnishings brand, he has continued to create pieces for Thom Fougere Studio, which are just as…


10 Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Foodie Mom

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms who love spending time in the kitchen.  How many of your memories with Mom are in the kitchen? From baking cookies together to enjoying family meals, food is such an integral part of family. What better way to…


A Combo Washer & Dryer Perfect For Cottages

A compact multitasking washer-dryer from Haier may be the best thing to hit cottages since the s’more. It can fit in unconventional spaces because it requires no external venting. All you need is water hookup and a standard outlet, so it could fit in a closet or nook under the stairs,…

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Shop Like An Editor: The Best Outdoor Furniture To Buy Now

Senior editor Morgan Michener shares her favorite outdoor furniture finds.  Spring and summer in the magazine world is always super busy. As well as our regular stories, we add cottages and gardens to our list of projects to be photographed. Personally, I really look forward to this time of year — an…


Sleep Easy With Sustainable & Organic Bedding

Used linens are one of the most difficult things to recycle; up to 80% of donated bedding is sent directly to North American landfills by donation services, where decomposing natural fibers release methane gas which contributes to climate change. In an effort to help cut down on the 10 million tons…

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Discover The Design Detail Trending Now!

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares what’s currently catching her eye. I’ve always loved the lightness and airiness of cane-webbing, loose-weave linen drapes and similar materials that have a see-through quality. This breeziness feels perfectly appropriate for spring, which is why I’m loving a trend that’s been popping up lately with the…

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Shop Like An Editor: 11 Finds Under $100 Right Now

Welcome the warmer months with colorful accessories, art and furniture.

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Shops We Love: Memo Showroom

Perched above Toronto design store Peaks & Rafters, Memo Showroom brings over a dozen international wallpaper and textile collections to Canada for the first time. “Three textile addicts work here,” says owner Katelyn Hermant, who opened Memo in September with associates Kelly Ashford Chadda and Katie Schipper. Patterns range…

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This Just In: Indoor-Outdoor Living Ideas

H&H‘s Kai Ethier and Reiko Caron share Phantom Screens products that will help you bring the outdoors in. Phantom Screens retractable door and window screens let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out while preserving your view to the outdoors. Plus, these screens disappear when not…