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May 22, 2013

Antiquing In Aberfoyle

The Aberfoyle antique market recently opened their gates for another delightful season of haggling. With 20 acres of booths and outdoor exhibitor space, the market is a gold mine for devoted collectors.

My countdown to the market’s opening weekend begins shortly after Christmas — I’m not kidding. So when my future sister-in-law, Nadia, suggested her and I make a day of it a few Sundays ago, I was more than happy to oblige. We knew that leaving the boys with their trucks and power washers would give us hours of rummage time.

To those who do not share my enthusiasm for the hoary and musty, this may talk you into the idea of adding some aged charm to your decor. To those like me who gush over chipped teacups and rickety chairs, check out the amazing stuff I came across.

If you’re looking to add some quirkiness to your kitchen, you’re bound to find something on the heaped tables. I find the best stuff hidden in boxes, so be sure to dig around.

The booths can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss a lot. I keep reminding myself to look up!

The selection of china is endless.

I had to tear myself away from this vintage brass fire extinguisher. At $89 it would have exceeded the budget I had allotted myself for the day — maybe I’ll find it there again next time.

Windows are easy to come by at antique markets, but a knockout like this is definitely a great find — I’m surprised it was still available.

Another reason to look up; the lighting is a never-ending array of crystal, brass wrought iron and porcelain.

This solid wood bench was only $80; an incredible deal for a piece that will last a lifetime. If only I had the space.

I had big dreams for this tub. A glossy coat of expensive paint and some refurbished hardware would have kept this $200 find way under the cost of a brand new one. Another piece I’ll have to forgo for now.

If you’re looking for great storage ideas, check out the vintage boxes on the lawn.

I love the look of a historic vignette.

Ducks, anyone?

I’m happy to say I went home with two sweet pieces of history. This aged industrial stool …

… and a stunning vintage engagement ring from Cynthia Findlay my (now fiancé) Pablo surprised me with — just another magical moment in the world of antiquing!

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Photo credits:
1-14. Floriana Paonessa