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September 27, 2011

Antiquing In Toronto

One of the great things about living in a big city like Toronto is finding the hidden jewels — unexpected spots that you may not frequent, but offer amazing resources. A place I like to go for antique furniture is 507 Antiques, located near Queen Street East and the DVP. Their selection of furniture and accessories is just amazing. Be prepared, though — you will have to dig and take some time to process the inventory, which can be a bit daunting. I would also suggest calling ahead to make sure that the showroom is open. Maybe even bring a flashlight, à la American Pickers. If you’re looking for anything old and lovely, this place might be just right.

The front door seems unassuming…

Follow the signs to the showroom on the lower level — you will have to be buzzed in past this gate. Think of it as an adventure.

Once inside, the scale of the building kind of blows you away. Rows upon rows of antiques piled high.

Yes, they can get the dresser at the top of the pile down for you if you’re interested.

Turning a corner, I was happy to see that they have started taking inventory of all the stock. Eventually, all will be online for sale. Such great news.

Check out these gorgeous mirrors, chandelier and armoire. I love the little occasional chairs as well.

Learn where my former colleague Michael Penney loved to hunt for antiques.

Photo credits:
1-6. Morgan Michener