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October 5, 2017

A First Look At Google’s Latest Smart Home Technology

In 2016, people around the world brought home a piece of their favorite search engine. Using voice activation and the Google Assistant, the Google Home promised to streamline everyday tasks like checking the weather, cooking and listening to music — and became an instant success.

In fact, since Google Home launched, the Assistant has learned the answers to more than 100 million new questions. And now, using Voice Match, it can pick out your voice in a crowded room, syncing with your personal calendars and playlists. The tech giant’s latest, cutting-edge hardware? Well, some are comparing it to a doughnut.

At Google’s highly anticipated live stream yesterday, the company unveiled the pocket-sized Google Home Mini. Packed with tech, the Mini boasts full sound and accurate listening capabilities. It also makes the most of the improved Google Assistant — so you can do things like broadcast messages to Google Home devices around your house (“Hey Google, broadcoast ‘time to head to school.’”).

What’s more, the Mini comes in at an affordable price point: just $79 in Canada and $49 in the US. But, for design lovers, what really stands out is its refreshing look.

During the live stream, senior industrial designer Isabelle Olssen shared her team’s thought process behind the Mini’s pleasingly mod form. “There’s a simplicity to the design — no sharp corners or edges,” she explained.

Everything from the fabric top (a fine weave that conceals intuitive touch controls) to the trendy colorways (muted Chalk, graphic Charcoal and Millennial-friendly Coral) was thoughtfully developed for today’s home. Plus, with a tiny footprint, you can pop the Mini almost anywhere.

The Google Home Mini is available for pre-order now and will be in stores across Canada as of October 19th. What are your thoughts on this pint-sized helper? Which color do you think works best in modern spaces? (And does it sort of remind you of a doughnut, too?)

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Author: Reiko Milley

Courtesy of Google.