January 3, 2017

Cookbook Spotlight: Taste & Technique

POMEROY_Taste and TechniqueIn this beautifully photographed book from the Portland, Oregon, chef behind Beast, complex dishes are broken down into easy building-block techniques. Naomi Pomeroy reveals methods used by chefs to get restaurant-grade results and devotes chapters to ingredients, techniques and used restaurant kitchen equipment. This confidence-building book is a must-read for anyone ready to take their home cooking to the next level.

Here are five recipes from the cookbook to try, plus a little background on each from the chef herself!


Chris Court © 2016


Reprinted with permission from Taste & Technique: Recipes to Elevate Your Home Cooking by Naomi Pomeroy with Jamie Feldmar, copyright © 2016. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.