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September 17, 2019

This Playful French Restaurant Is A Celeb Photographer’s Haven

Celebrity photographer Caitlin Cronenberg — who has captured everyone from Drake to Keira Knightley — tell us why Toronto’s La Banane is her “favorite room.” Her latest book, The Endings, is on sale now.

“I feel strongly impacted by the decorating of wherever I am, especially when I’m eating something. I love that the first thing you see when you walk into La Banane are those amazing light fixtures over the bar — they’re glass chandeliers that are kind of Deco. It just sets a tone that makes you feel warm from the inside out. I love the specific color of green on the walls, the mismatched tables and love seats at the front, and the funny, banana-themed art. La Banane is all about French food that’s the best you’ve ever had, but the restaurant never takes itself too seriously, and it’s beautiful.”

Author: As told to Wendy Jacob

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