April 10, 2020

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Shares His Favorite Comfort Food

It’s tough to think of a group of people who have become so famous, so beloved, more quickly than the five handsome men fronting the joy machine that is Netflix’s Queer Eye. Audiences are hooked on the happy tears the series and its makeovers inspire. As the team’s “Food Guy,” Canadian-born Antoni Porowski wins hearts with the warm encouragement he gives the show’s “heroes” — each one gets individualized coaching in the kitchen, depending on their needs. “For some, it’s health; for others, it’s more about connecting with themselves or someone important in their life,” says Antoni. “Every hero is different and that’s what makes it so exciting.” His new cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, has the same heartfelt approach, with recipes from every chapter of his life, starting in Montreal as the son of Polish immigrants to his current status as TV star.

Scroll down to discover six comforting recipes to whip up while you stay at home.

Author: Ceri Marsh

Paul Brissman


House & Home October 2019