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September 27, 2022

7 Fresh and Flavorful Recipes From Tieghan Gerard

If you follow popular food and recipe blogs, you’ll no doubt know Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest. Having just published her third cookbook, Half Baked Harvest: Every Day, the 28-year-old cook and author took time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her background and food philosophy — and share some recipes — making it easy to see why Tieghan’s followers can’t get enough of her cooking.

Because her recipes are so accessible and adaptable, millions of people, including plenty of celebs, flock to her blog and cookbooks. Don’t have provolone? She’ll suggest cheese alternatives. Need a recommendation for the best type of hot sauce? She’s got it covered! (It’s Frank’s RedHot, by the way.) Also, while Tieghan’s recipes are quite healthy overall, she still includes pizza and pasta dishes, too. Her philosophy is that if you’re cooking at home, it’s already healthier than eating out — and home-cooked family meals are something she’s more than familiar with.

Tieghan lives next door to her parents’ farm in the Colorado mountains in two converted barns that are customized for developing recipes and sharing them online. “It’s been really cool to do things with celebrities, be on Good Morning America and hit these big lists, but I’m just proud of this blog and community that I created from the ground up,” says Tieghan. Coming from a family of 10, Tieghan was enlisted to help with dinner from a young age and found her love of food and cooking along the way. She started her blog in 2009 while being dragged around to various mountains for her Olympic gold medal–winning snowboarder brother. Without much to do, Tieghan would spend her mornings on hikes with her mom and evenings cooking in the kitchen of whatever rental house they were staying in. Her mom suggested that Tieghan document her food experiments on a blog, and the rest is history.

Her latest cookbook came out earlier this year. “It focuses on simple, wholesome recipes with lots of color and so much flavor that families can enjoy, and also feel great about eating,” she says. And not only did she develop all of the recipes, Tieghan photographed them, too. As a young food blogger, she learned to take all of her own photos and style her dishes like a pro.