April 6, 2021

Discover Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Tips For Creating A Multifunctional Room

When designer Sarah Sherman Samuel isn’t breaking the Internet revamping Mandy Moore’s stunning mid-century home, she’s working on her own Michigan abode. This spring, she wanted to convert an underused spare bedroom into an office (it’s also served as a playroom and classroom for her two children in the past). Now, this hybrid space doubles as her husband Rupert’s office and will be a relaxing respite for her guests to stay, post-Covid. “I want it to feel curated but not cluttered,” she says. “I do that by selecting functional pieces that are also sculptural and beautiful. The furniture and lamps, for example, are there to serve a necessary purpose but also act as art.”

Scroll down to see how she revamped this room using finds from Etsy! (Find everything she used here.)

Author: Wendy Jacob

Courtesy of Etsy


Sarah Sherman Samuel