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January 20, 2021

The Lakehouse: Lynda Reeves On The Biggest Reno Trends

This is my story of designing our renovation of a century-old lakehouse in Ontario. Each month, I’ll offer a new chapter on the challenges and solutions, and a peek at our progress. You’ll be able to see the actual house come together on new episodes of our video series The Lakehouse.

It’s early November, and I’m so relieved that they finally called the U.S. presidential election so we can turn off the TV, and I can go back to the important business of searching for fir hardwood floor suppliers and spec’ing my dimmers, switches and cover plates for the lakehouse renovation!

Everything you’ve heard about material shortages is true. Trades are overbooked, many appliances are on back order, and specific things we need are just sold out until further notice.

But back to those special dimmers: if you study magazine spreads of kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and bedside lighting controls, you’ll see what I mean. There are often exquisite, subtle switches and dimmers that look more like jewelry than electrical hardware. This is only one of many categories of essentials for home renovations that has undergone a dramatic update of late. Here are some others to check out.

Author: Lynda Reeves

Jeff Holt, courtesy of Workstead (interior)


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