Chipotle Peach Salad Recipe

This light summer dish is infused with Mexican flavours. Peaches add juicy sweetness to the dressing.

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Salt and Pepper
1-1/2 tbsp adobo sauce from chipotle can, divided
1 chipotle pepper
2 ripe Summerwhite or yellow peaches, divided
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1/2 tsp each salt and sugar
1 bag hearts of Romaine lettuce
1/2 cup quartered and thinly sliced red onion
1/2 cup coarsely crushed white tortilla chips


Step 1: Rinse chicken breasts and pat dry. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and brush with 1 tbsp adobo sauce.

Step 2: Grill over medium coals for about 5 minutes per side or until nicely charred and cooked through. Chill, then cut into small bite-size strips. Meanwhile, peel and pit one of the peaches. Transfer to a blender container with the chipotle pepper, the remaining adobo sauce, olive oil, lime juice, salt and sugar; blend until smooth.

Step 3: Pit and thinly slice the remaining peach and place in a large salad bowl with the Romaine and onion. Drizzle with dressing and toss well to coat. Top with tortilla chips.

Reprinted with permission from the California Tree Fruit Agreement.

California Tree Fruit Agreement