May 26, 2016

Easy Blackberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe: Claire Tansey


  • 2 cups best-quality vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tbsp crème de cassis
  • 32 chocolate wafer cookies
  • 3⁄4 cup water
  • 1⁄2 cup crème de cassis
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 cups fresh blackberries


Yield: Serves 8

  1. Let ice cream stand at room temperature for 15 minutes, or until softened. Stir well.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare 16 squares of aluminum foil, each 1 about 6″-square. Brush crème de cassis over both sides of 2 cookies. To make sandwich, place 2 tablespoons ice cream on 1 cookie, top with second cookie and gently press together. Run blunt side of knife around the edge to smooth. Wrap cookie sandwich in foil square and place in freezer. Repeat with remaining cookies, making 16 individually wrapped sandwiches. Freeze 3 to 48 hours.
  3. Combine water, 1⁄2 cup crème de cassis and sugar in small pot. Bring to boil, reduce heat and cook about 10 minutes, or until reduced by half. Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice and blackberries. Cool to room temperature.
  4. Serve 2 sandwiches with spoonful of blackberries and sauce.

Michael Graydon


House & Home Summer Style 2015


Ashley Denton (Food), Stacey Smithers (Prop)