Non-Alcoholic Champagne Cocktail Recipe

This classic champagne cocktail can make any event celebratory. Alcohol-free blood orange bitters saturate the sugar cube, and a not-too-sweet sparkling grape juice does the topping off instead of champagne. Using a twist of orange instead of the traditional twist of lemon will help guests tell their drinks apart from those that contain alcohol. This is the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for weddings and other events where toasting is required.

1 sugar cube
Splash of blood orange bitters
Sparkling white grape juice, preferably no-sugar-added, chilled
Orange twist, for garnish


Step 1: Drop the sugar cube into a champagne flute and add a good splash of bitters to saturate the sugar cube.

Step 2: Slowly pour in the sparkling grape juice and serve garnished with the orange twist.

Reprinted with permission from Liz Scott's Zero-Proof Cocktails (2009 Ten Speed Press).

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