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July 29, 2015

Fun & Functional Kids’ Work Spaces

Back to school is more than a chance to hit the stationery store — though who doesn’t love a good highlighter haul? It’s also the perfect time to create an organized, functional homework spot for your little scholars. Here’s our best advice for creating the ideal kids’ work space.

1. Find the right spot. Some kids need quiet so they can focus, while others will get distracted too easily if left unattended. Figuring out the right place to set up shop is the first step to success.

2. Don’t skimp on space. Kids need enough room to spread out, so choose a desk or table where they have the space to see all their books and homework sheets at once.

3. Go with a comfy chair. The right seat eliminates squirminess so your child can focus on what’s important.

4. Choose a space with storage. Keep supplies close at hand so there’s no mid-worksheet wandering.

5. Make use of the walls. Hang a cork or magnet board to display accomplishments like a good test score. Get custom imprinted wall calendars and it’ll help everyone keep track of upcoming tasks and assignments.


Stacey Brandford


Bed, West Elm; desk, chair, Shelter; pillows, ABC Carpet & Home.


House & Home March 2014 issue