French Toast

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Savory French Toast With Cherry Tomatoes And Basil

This recipe is a savoury twist on a breakfast classic.


Fluffiest French Toast Ever

This french toast recipe from the Okura Hotel in Tokyo was featured in our 30th anniversary issue.


Applesauce-Filled French Toast

This recipe for Applesauce-Filled French Toast from our July 2006 issue is a rich delight. Pre-cut the baked toast into six or eight portions so guests can help themselves.

French Toast

Orange French Toast Bake Recipe

A delish breakfast or brunch dish.

French Toast

Stuffed Brioche French Toast Recipe

Grill this breakfast sandwich on the barbecue.


Cherry-Filled French Toast

Make it a sweet morning.

French Toast

Applesauce-Filled French Toast Recipe

A sweet take on a traditional breakfast dish.