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Italian Wedding Soup

Traditionally made in the Campania and Lazio regions, Italian wedding soup is named for its “marriage” of meat and leafy greens flavored with parsley and Parmesan. If you’re not already familiar with tomato paste in a tube, this recipe is a great excuse to make the switch. A tube…


Ultimate Chicken Stock

This dish borrows the technique of charring onions and carrots under the broiler sometimes used in Asian and Mexican cooking. Dried shiitake mushrooms are added to produce a slightly darker, richer stock. Once the poached chicken meat is picked from the bones, save it in the refrigerator for up to…


Just-Add-Water Miso, Sweet Potato And Soba Ramen

Try this Just-Add-Water Miso, Sweet Potato and Soba Ramen recipe from the cookbook Modern Lunch. The natural sweetness and creaminess of sweet potato helps to create a ramen broth that’s both addictive and nourishing. Soba noodles, made from buckwheat flour (check the label for 100 percent buckwheat…


Matty Matheson’s Chicken Soup

“Chicken soup is something everyone should know how to make,” says Matty Matheson, the executive chef of Parts & Labour. “It’s one of those dishes that’s healing. All you need is chicken and water. Serve it with grilled-cheese sandwiches or just by itself. It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add…


Cookbook Spotlight: Soup For Syria

Lebanese-American food writer Barbara Abdeni Massaad has collected recipes from acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors to help food-relief efforts for Syrian refugees (through the UN). Contributors include Alice Waters and Anthony Bourdain, and the recipes from around the world range from gondi (a Persian-Jewish meat-dumpling soup) from Yotam Ottolenghi and…


Red Lentil Soup With Mint And Lemon


15 Hot Soups To Savor This Winter

These recipes will warm you from the inside out.


Miso Soba Soup With Tofu & Mushrooms

Umami-rich ingredients like miso paste and soy sauce boost flavor without adding fat in this warm and nourishing soup.


Root-To-Stalk Cooking

Eric Vellend's tips for a hot food trend.

March 2011

Keys To Cooking Soups

Tips from New York Times columnist Harold McGee.


Jerusalem Artichoke Soup Recipe

A gourmet winter soup.