steak recipe

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Ask A Chef: Blair Lebsack’s Seared Denver Steak with Potato Pavé

This is an elevated take on steak and potatoes.


Salt and Pepper Flank Steak with Quick Tomato Shallot Kimchi

For weekly steak dinners, nothing serves better than a flank steak.


Pan-Seared Steak

Cooking steak in a cast-iron pan creates a beautiful crust. Watch your steaks closely and baste with the butter mixture to help brown and cook the meat evenly.


Sugar-Cured Flank Steak

Instead of a marinade, try a sugar and salt rub — it turns into a fantastic crust when grilled.

steak recipe

Florentine-Style Seared Porterhouse Steak

Serve your Porterhouse Italian-style, with a surprising drizzle of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of sea salt.