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October 9, 2015

DIY: Faux-Fur Stool

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares step-by-step instructions on how turn a luggage holder into a faux-fur stool. 

Jennifer-Koper-FeaturedImgI love having a pair of stools in a living room for extra seating and style. When I found a set of luggage racks at a hotel liquidator,
 I realized I could turn them into chic stools that can be stored flat. Here’s how I did it:


You’ll need: folding luggage rack, primer, paint, MDF or particleboard, double-sided Velcro, pillow, small faux-fur rug.

Step 1: Find And Paint Luggage Rack 

For each stool, choose a sturdy luggage rack that’s low enough to make a comfortable seat, around 17″ to 19″ h. Prime and paint the rack in a color that matches your room.

Step 2: Cut Board And Velcro

Have a piece of 1⁄4″-thick MDF or particleboard cut to the same dimensions as the top area of the rack — mine was 26″ w. by 16″ d. Cut two strips of Velcro long enough to wrap around the short side of the board and the top rails of the luggage rack. This will be about the depth of the board plus 10″ to 12″ on each side. My board was 16″ d., so each piece of my Velcro was 40″ l. (The ends of the Velcro should overlap under the board and attach.)

Step 3: Attach Velcro

Set the board on the rack and mark where the rack’s legs hit on each end of the width. Place the strips of Velcro on the board just inside each mark and staple parallel to its depth. (Placing the straps inside the rack’s legs means they’ll stop the board from sliding off either end.) If your stool will get a lot of use, you can reinforce the legs by replacing any rivets with bolts, locknuts and washers.

Step 4: Assemble Cushion

With the side of the board that has the Velcro facing up, place a standard-sized pillow on top of the board. Place a small faux-fur rug over the pillow, right side up. Flip everything over and staple the rug to the underside of the board with a staple gun. Strap the finished cushion to the rack using the Velcro straps. You can also easily remove the cushioned top, fold up the rack and store both flat when the stool is not in use.

Author: Jennifer Koper

Valerie Wilcox (room, rug, pillow, board, paint), Angus Fergusson (velcro roll)


Faux-fur rug, HomeSense; pillow, Ikea; Velcro, The Home Depot; primer, Pro Glo Paints; paint colour, Silhouette (AF-655), Benjamin Moore


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