September 10, 2018

Foodies Share What To Cook This Fall

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Discover the innovative 60-inch Thermador range designed for passionate foodies. Plus, find out what’s cooking for fall from Kristen Eppich, H&H’s food editor and chef, and Nikko Jacino, executive chef for Thermador at Luxe Appliance Studio.

The 60-Inch Pro Grand® Steam Range is the only range available with a steam and convection combination oven plus a full-size convection oven. Customize the six-burner stovetop with either a double griddle or an indoor electric grill and griddle. Explore the options at

Update autumnal squash soup with sage cream or miso and ginger. Thermador’s ExtraLow® burner maintains temperatures as low as 100ºF — perfect for simmering soup and tender stovetop braised short ribs.

Okonomiyaki, Japanese vegetable pancakes, offer an on-trend way to prepare greens on the griddle, says Kristen.

Chocolate pots de crème — and crème brûlées — don’t require a water bath in a steam oven. The steam also cooks hearty spiced bread pudding while preventing it from drying out, says Nikko. Try slow-roasting salmon for a main — the moisture results in a juicy yet healthy dish.

The Pro Grand’s width accommodates catering trays, multiple casseroles and large roasting pans. “The 60″ Thermador range carries all the key features that any home chef would love to have in their cooking arsenal,” adds Nikko. “It’s really the perfect range for entertaining and showcasing your cooking abilities.”

Paired with a powerful hood fan and pot filler, the 60″ Thermador range creates a focal point in a serious cook’s kitchen. Click here to get kitchen design tips from three tastemakers, plus discover amazing new appliance features from Thermador.


Holly Inglis, (okonomiyaki)/Laurie McNamara, (soup)/ (pots de crème)