August 2, 2019

How To Throw A Spanish-Style Pintxo Party

Lynda Reeves takes you behind-the-scenes of this tapas-style soirée.

Lynda Reeves portraitOne of my favorite way to entertain is a cocktail party that invites your guests to graze and stay throughout the dinner hour, sipping drinks and nibbling on savory bites, plus there’s a dessert table that includes hand-dipped chocolates. Combined with signature cocktails and great conversation, what could be better?

And if you’re fortunate enough to have one of Canada’s best chefs and the team from the catering company he launched attending to your guests, you get to relax and enjoy your own party. The theme is “Pintxo Cocktail Party,” starring celebrity chef and restaurateur Grant van Gameren of Bar Isabel and Bar Raval fame, and Victor Dries, the catering company that Grant and Chris Brown launched a year and a half ago, catered the food and cocktails.

“Pincho” is the Spanish word for little spike; in Basque you would say “pintxo”. Either way, it means a “small snack,” typically eaten in bars in northern Spain and the Basque Country. It was all so delicious that we decided to ask Victor Dries to share some recipes and teach us how to make this fabulous food in our own kitchens.

Author: Lynda Reeves

House & Home June 2019


Food styling by Eshun Mott, Prop styling by Emma Reddington