October 1, 2013

Recipes From Butter Baked Goods

Vancouver-based Butter Bakery opened its doors in 2007 when interior designer Rosie Daykin, whose pretty interiors have been featured many times in H&H, decided to hang up her paintbrush in favour of a spatula. Rosie’s recipes are based on nostalgic homemade treats from her childhood with an emphasis on from-scratch quality (her gourmet marshmallows are made on-site and have spawned a cult following). Butter Baked Goods (2013 Appetite by Random House) recipes are explained in simple steps that any baker can attempt, and are illustrated by winsome photos that hint at Rosie’s keen eye. For a sweet take on a lunchtime favourite, try the peanut butter and jelly cupcakes recipe.

Browse photos of Rosie Daykin’s home in our photo gallery.