February 3, 2014

Recipes from Cooking Slow

For cooks who plan ahead, Cooking Slow (2013 Raincoast Books) delivers flavourful meals with minimal fuss. Well-known food writer and teacher Andrew Schloss streamlines the cooking process with six techniques in this 100-recipe cookbook. The idea is to prep ingredients while low heat brings out the flavour and tenderness of meats, grains and vegetables. Every recipe, from hearty braised meats and simmered stews to a lemon cheesecake that cures to a creamy custard in a warm oven overnight, relies on time-honoured methods. There is a chapter dedicated to the sous-vide technique, which involves cooking food in airtight plastic bags for up to 72 hours. Serve the slow-steamed Garlic Ginger Lobster to weekend guests to cap off a relaxed Sunday.