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Lobster Bisque Thermidor

This recipe pays homage to J-C Poirier's East Coast roots.

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Three Recipes From P.E.I. That Will Transport You To The Coast

Farmers and fishers from all over the province got together and created the new cookbook, Canada's Food Island.


Ask A Chef: Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder

Renée Lavallée, chef and co-owner of The Canteen on Portland, shares her recipe.


Cheesy Korean Lobster Tails

Because the lobster is cut into chunks midway during the cooking process (making it easy to eat right out of the shell), a good pair of kitchen shears will serve you well when making this recipe. Gochujang, a fermented Asian red chili paste, adds a sweet and spicy kick.


Rodney Clark’s Brine-Boiled Lobster With Pistachio And Sumac Slaw

Cook your lobster in water that tastes salty and briny, like the sea.


Lobster Mac-Daddy Burger

Try this Lobster Mac-Daddy Burger recipe from The Great Shellfish Cookbook. This surf and turf burger absolutely rocks! It makes me think of the special treats I’d crave as a kid, and this was definitely one of my top choices. I love how food can quickly transport you to…


Chef Mark McEwan’s Lobster Eggs Florentine

Treat Mom to an elegant brunch this Mother’s Day with Chef McEwan’s recipe for Lobster Eggs Florentine. Pair it with a crisp glass of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc for a midday meal worthy of a celebration.


Spice Up Your Meals With These Flavorful Cuban Recipes

Five years in the making, this cookbook by award-winning photographer Dan Goldberg, stylist Andrea Kuhn and food writer Jody Eddy brings the unique flavors of Cuba onto your plate. Fascinated by its people and their cuisine, the trio spent years travelling around Cuba to export the best recipes, like Fried…


Vedado Lobster Roll

Try this recipe for Vebado Lobster Roll from Cuba! Recipes And Stories From The Cuban Kitchen. Lobster, especially the spiny lobster, is a black market favorite in Cuba, where it is consumed with a gusto reserved for life’s rare luxuries. This lobster roll is a way to celebrate this…


8 Perfect Wine Pairings For Seafood

Discover the best wines to pair with seafood!


Ask A Chef: Lobster Nachos

Chef Ted Corrado of The Drake Hotel shares a recipe for lobster nachos.


Claudio Aprile’s Lobster Carpaccio Recipe

A starter from MasterChef Canada's Claudio Aprile.


MasterChef Canada’s Claudio Aprile

See the celebrity chef at work in his own kitchen!


Black Farfalle With Lobster Recipe

A popular pasta dish at Scarpetta Las Vegas.


Garlic-Ginger Lobster Slow-Steamed Over Chiles In Coconut Milk Recipe

A beautiful and exoctic seafood dish.