August 26, 2012

Recipes From Trish Magwood

Toronto chef Trish Magwood — host of Food Network’s Party Dish, judge on Family Cook Off, and author of Dish Entertains (2007 Harper Collins Canada) — shares four recipes from her newest book In My Mother’s Kitchen (2011 Harper Collins Canada). For many of us, our mother’s kitchen is a place where memories and meals are shared. Trish Magwood is no exception. Her mother fed six hungry kids delicious, simple food every day. Interspersed with the wonderful recipes are gorgeous photos of food, memorabilia and shots of the family’s kitchen garden, where the children learn food doesn’t just comes from the grocery store. Try her recipe for grilled lettuces (pictured above) this holiday weekend, or a comforting corn chowder this fall.

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Browse a photo gallery of Trish Magwood’s entire home, plus take a video tour on Online TV.