Chilled Soups

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Vegetable Pistou

While it’s a simple dish, it’s a true homage to vegetables!


Cool Down With Chilled Soup This Summer!

Cool summer soups are a restaurant favorite, but are they hard to make at home? Not at all! Here are four easy recipes to help you beat the heat.


Sweet & Spicy Gazpacho

Little cooking required! For the best result, make this soup 1 day advance to let the flavors develop.


Watercress Vichyssoise

A light vichyssoise serves as the base for this peppery watercress soup. Look for watercress that is dark green and perky. The key to keeping the vibrant color of this soup is to blanch the watercress, cool it quickly and keep it cold until it’s time to serve.


Thai-Inspired Seafood Bisque

Sweet summer corn produces a velvety smooth texture for this cold soup. Simmering the cobs in coconut milk builds a delicious base that is balanced with fish sauce and a touch of heat from the chili oil.


Strawberry Soup

Lime juice adds a touch of acidity to the sweet berries, and the mascarpone introduces an element of indulgence.