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How To Cook And Entertain Like a Pro

Be the host with the most thanks to Conveniently Delicious cookbook author and caterer, Devin Connell.

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Devin Connell’s Cookbook Delivers On The Promise Of Helping You Make Spontaneous Meals, Fast!

Devin's new cookbook delivers on the promise of helping you make spontaneous (and delicious!) meals, fast


Strawberry Jammies

"They’re rich, tender cakes that are spiked with a bit of almond extract and a sweet swirl of strawberry jam."


Salt and Pepper Flank Steak with Quick Tomato Shallot Kimchi

For weekly steak dinners, nothing serves better than a flank steak.


My Favorite Drumsticks With Peanuts and Lime

These drumsticks are impossible to mess up!


Apple, Cheddar, Celery and Kale Salad

This crowd-pleasing salad will be one of your new favorites.