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Cookbook Spotlight: Batch

Both avid cooks and newbies will find inspiration in this authoritative new guide from the creators of, Joel MacCharles and Dana Harrison. The book reaches well beyond basic jams and jellies to address the seven key preserving techniques, from pressure-canning to fermenting and smoking. Here are three recipes…

Celebrity Style

Get Recipes From Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook Cravings!

The star shares healthy and delicious recipes.


Cookbook Spotlight: Around The Fire

This is the grilling book of the summer with 100+ recipes from the popular Ox restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Drawing on the authors’ experiences grilling in Michelin-starred restaurants and Gabrielle’s Ecuadorean roots, the book adapts Latin American open-fire cooking for the home griller by explaining the art of heat control…


Grilled Broccolini With Taleggio Cream & Hazelnuts

Broccolini works surprisingly well on the grill (unlike regular broccoli, which tends to dry out and can take forever to tenderize). You don’t have to peel the stems, and the florets have a moisture and looseness to them that helps them crisp up nicely without disintegrating. Though you can eat…


Cucumber & Strawberries With Calabrian Chile & Cured Black Olive Relish, Pine Nuts, & Chèvre

Unlike many salads that hinge largely on the season and what’s fresh and available, this is a dish you can extend through the year with a few small tweaks. The dressing — which isn’t so much a classic vinaigrette as a rustic chopped chile condiment — packs a ton of…


Cookbook Spotlight: Gjelina

Get recipes from this hot spot in L.A.'s Venice Beach.


Cookbook Spotlight: Montreal Cooks

In this collection of 80 recipes from 40 of Montreal’s most talented chefs — including Derek Dammann of Maison Publique and Colin Perry of Southern barbecue joint Dinette Triple Crown — culinary experts share just how easy it is to bring home the flavors of this vibrant city. Cooking your…


Cookbook Spotlight: Hot Bread Kitchen

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares the cookbook she’s coveting now. Recipes that are passed down over time are the most reliable kind. So when New York bakery Hot Bread Kitchen published a cookbook, it was at the top of my list. Hot Bread Kitchen isn’t just your…


Cookbook Of The Month: A Modern Way To Cook

Find easy vegetable-centric recipes!


Cookbook Of The Month: The Broad Fork

Awarding-winning chef and author Hugh Acheson brings everything from kohlrabi to carrots to the center of your plate with 200 beautifully photographed recipes in The Broad Fork: Recipes for the Wide World of Vegetables and Fruits. Divided by season, the book gives three quick hits and one more elaborate dish for each…


New Classic Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Cookies made with shaved coconut chips.


Salt-Baked Herbed Salmon Recipe

An easy dinner idea from chef Cory Schreiber.


Chinese Barbecue Pork Recipe

Delicious pork belly in a spicy sauce.


Meat Hook Chili Recipe

A beef, pork and lamb chili.


Mussel Broth Recipe

A satisfying soup from Peru: The Cookbook.